Warehouses for rent


The storage area at your disposal is more than 40,000 m2

We offer warehouse facilities with a total area of 40,000 m2, where you store every type of goods. The product storage service is aimed at all persons who are looking for a properly prepared place where they store the goods for a certain period of time in connection with the established rules. Storage of goods is valued individually based on prepared price lists, depending on the time and needs of customers.

In order to prepare the offer, we conduct an evaluation:
  • logistics and warehouse management processes
  • quality management systems
  • maintaining the movement of tools and means of transport,
  • delivery control and inventory

Storage and packaging of goods

Nasza firma zajmuje się zarówno magazynowaniem towarów, jak i usługą, jaką jest co-packing. Oferujemy selektywne pakowanie towaru, przepakowywanie, konfekcjonowanie, foliowanie produktów w magazynie. Korzystając z naszych usług, dostajesz możliwość wybrania czasu magazynowania. Cordis Logistics umożliwia przechowywanie krótkoterminowe, jak i na dłuższy czas w Radomsku, Łodzi, Wrocławiu, Warszawie i Katowicach. Możesz składować każdego rodzaju towar, niezależnie od jego gabarytów

Co-packing goods according to your expectations

We build sets of goods (repackaging, packaging, foiling, selective packaging)

Short / long term storage

We will keep your goods for up to a few days

For each size of the goods there will be a place

In our modern warehouses we store goods without dimensional limitations

Warehouses in the heart of Poland

Our warehouses are located in the very center of the country. They are located in Radomsk, adjacent to the economic zone. Thanks to this, the access is facilitated for each customer, regardless of the direction from which the goods are imported.

We are close from the largest cities in Poland!

Thanks to this, we can bring in and bring out your goods at an express pace.

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Loading and unloading of goods

Storage of products means not only storage, but also loading and unloading of goods and packaging and repacking. We provide services in the field of palletizing and marking and labelling of goods.

Unlimited storage access

Our warehouses are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By using the item storage offer, you are given the opportunity to access the warehouse points at any time.

Dedicated coordinator (KAM)

For each project you receive a manager responsible for its coordination

Location in the center of Poland

Our warehouses are located in the neighborhood of Radomsko Special Economic Zone

Guarantee of safety

We provide quality control and insurance of stocked goods. Our crew is engaged in carrying out a professional warehouse management system. We have the appropriate certificates for the storage of food goods. Our facilities are guarded around the clock, so you can be sure that the goods stored in the warehouse are safe.


Our consultants will respond to you within a few hours