Storage of Goods


Warehouse space in Radomsko, Łódź, Wrocław, Warsaw and Katowice - over 40,000 m2

We offer storage facilities with a total area of 40,000 m2, where you can store any type of goods. Storage service is addressed to all customers who are looking for a properly prepared location where they can store goods for a specific period of time and in accordance with the established rules. We offer storage of goods individually based on prepared price lists, depending on the time and customer specific requirements.

In order to prepare a professional offer, we always evaluate:
  • logistics and warehouse management processes,
  • quality management systems,
  • in-house tools and means of transport required,
  • qualitative and quantitative delivery check and stock check.

Storage and packaging of goods

Our company provides both the warehousing of goods and the co-packing service. We offer selective packing of goods, repacking service, confectioning, foil-wrapping products in the warehouse. By using our services, you can agree the storing time. Cordis Logistics offers short-term and longer-term storage in Radomsko, Łódź, Wrocław, Warsaw and Katowice. You can store any type of goods, regardless of their dimensions.

Co-packing of goods according to customer requirements

We bundle sets of goods (repackaging, confectioning, foil-wrapping, selective packaging)

Short-term / long-term storage service

We can store your goods for any agreed term

We offer space for any size of goods

In our modern warehouses, we can store goods without dimensional restrictions

Warehouses in the heart of Poland

Our warehouses are located in the very center of our country, in Radomsko, in the vicinity of the special economic zone. Thanks to this, access is easier for each customer, regardless of the direction from which the goods are delivered.

We are in the proximity of biggest Polish cities!

Thanks to our central location, we can inbound and despatch your goods at an express pace

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Loading and unloading of goods

Product storage service does not include storage only, but also loading and unloading of goods, as well as optionally packaging and repackaging. We provide services of palletization, as well as marking / tagging and labeling of goods.

Unlimited access to the warehouse

Our warehouses are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Choosing our offer of storing goods, you have access to your storage at any time.

Dedicated coordinator (KAM)

For every project with, we offer a key account manager responsible for its coordination

Location in the center of Poland

Our warehouses are located in the neighborhood of Radomsko Special Economic Zone

Guarantee of safety

We provide quality control and cover the insurance of stored goods. Our team uses a professional warehouse management system. We have the appropriate certificates for the storage of food products. Our facilities are guarded around the clock, so you can be sure that the goods stored in our warehouses are safe.


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