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Pharmaceutical transportation - what are the rules of carriage?

Drugs and medical devices are very sensitive preparations. Transported or stored in inappropriate conditions, they can lose their properties, even become harmful. Therefore, pharmaceutical transportation must be carried out under strictly controlled conditions. That is, what kind of conditions? Here is the most important information.

Changes in pharmaceutical transport rules - key information.
The transportation of medicines and other pharmaceutical products presents significant challenges. These are products whose transportation requires uncompromising attention to safety rules. Above all, it is necessary to ensure that they are at the right temperature at every stage of transportation - even temporary fluctuations in temperature can lead to a loss of pharmaceutical properties.

TheNational Scientific Conference "Economic Impacts of Pandemics - Edition II" with Cordis Logistic's participation is behind us..
The coronavirus pandemic has caused drastic changes in the market. Some industries, due to the lockdown and sanitary restrictions, almost completely froze, while others have to cope with the side effects of the post-COVID-19 situation. Cordis Logistic is actively participating in the discussion of the economic effects of the current situation. That's why we took part in the National Scientific Conference "Economic Effects of Pandemics - 2nd Edition". National Scientific Conference "Economic Effects of Pandemic - Edition II". - highlights

Ranking Lists of Employers accepted for the Internship Programs have been published.

Lists of companies accepted for the Projects:

„Nowa Jakość – nowe możliwości. Zintegrowany program rozwoju uczelni”:

„Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny we Wrocławiu wiodącym ośrodkiem kształcenia ekonomicznego na Dolnym Śląsku”:

The impact of the e-commerce market on the development of the KEP industry. How to make the most of this potential?

How can the e-commerce industry impact the courier, express and parcel market? Find out how to make the most of this potential in your business - read the full article here at this link.

Logistics outsourcing, or how to increase sales in an online store?

Why should you consider outsourcing logistics? What are the advantages of outsourcing logistics? Do we lose control over this part of our business venture when we opt for this type of service? - read the full article, which you will find at this link.

Logistics in e-commerce - why use external companies?

What is logistics in e-commerce? Why should you consider cooperation with companies offering logistics and shipping services? What can be the real benefits of such cooperation? - read the full article, which you will find at this link.