Fast online order fulfillment


Fast online order fulfillment

Employee outsourcing is one of the many innovative forms of cooperation that we can offer you as part of our services. As with employee leasing, our agency assumes all the responsibilities related to employee recruitment and personnel support.

In order to prepare the offer, we conduct an evaluation:

  • logistics and warehouse management processes
  • quality management systems
  • maintaining the movement of tools and means of transport,
  • delivery control and inventory

Selection of personnel for individual needs

Thanks to a good knowledge of the sectors and familiarity with the current needs of the client, we are able to adapt the offer to the individual needs of the contractor. Cordis Logistic employee outsourcing allows you to flexibly delegate complete business processes to the outside of your business by effectively reducing personnel management operating costs.

Qualified specialists at your disposal

As a company, we offer outsourcing of employees trained from Poland and Ukraine to external companies. Thanks to an excellent analysis of employment and labour market costs, we are able to offer a good quality service at a reasonable price. We organize accommodation for employees and transport them to the workplace. Get specialist services for your business, such as truck operator, warehouse man, hand packer or automated production line operator.

Trolley operator

Hand packer

Warehouse employee

Automated production line operator

We have proven and experienced employees at every stage of the supply chain

We guarantee continuity of employment, without unnecessary involvement of the Client

Outsourcing of employees - what are the benefits?

By using our employee outsourcing as an entrepreneur, you get many tangible benefits. Above all, you gain continuity of employment, thanks to full control over the fluctuation of employment on our part. We offer comprehensive hr and payroll services, as we assume the responsibilities of recruiting employees and carry out employment services through a formalized, fully secure system. We have a simple cooperation model – all settlements are based on a single rate, which guarantees transparent terms of the contract with clear costs. The entire outsourcing process is serviced with the help of a dedicated coordinator for the client. With us, you also get reduced operating costs through full cost control and overtime reduction. We guarantee the minimization of legal risk, as the entire service is carried out in accordance with the legal order within the deadlines.

What will you gain from our solutions?

Logistics - optimizing your costs

Our innovative logistics system reduces the costs associated with such activities as transport, warehousing, handling (including acceptance of goods, internal transport, storage, packaging, separation, release). Our logistics services and the storage of goods are carried out according to strict guidelines and standards.

Financial flexibility

Do you want to take advantage of services such as transport, storage, outsourcing of employees and creation of e-commerce stores? We provide convenient payment terms for regular customers. Logistics, distribution and procurement – all these are offered at convenient prices to smaller companies as well as larger companies.

Free logistics audit

Transport and warehousing at Cordis Logistics includes a free audit of customers' warehouse logistics. For this purpose, we use many years of experience of our managers. The scope of the audit is: organizational verification of logistics and warehouses, quality management, maintenance of movement of tools and means of transport, control of deliveries and storage (including inventory).

Express transport throughout Europe

Interested in domestic and international transport? Cordis Logistics has a two-person crew of drivers. Thanks to this, we can deliver goods anywhere in Poland and all over Europe at an express pace. We have modern rolling stock, GPS monitoring and innovative logistics solutions. We specialize in such a service as express transport and care about the timeliness and reliability of all commissioned deliveries.

Guarantee of supply chain liquidity

We distribute from our warehouses, ensuring continuity in the supply chain. We dedicate the Project Manager, who coordinates the transport of goods. Gain tangible benefits from the transport and forwarding of our company and be sure of the safety of execution of orders. We also handle cargo handling and storage.

Professional employees

We provide a qualified team of employees who have many years of professional experience. We organize both accommodation for employees and delivery to workplaces. Outsourcing of employees allows you to effectively reduce operating costs in the company.


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